Carrie Bradshaw’s Intercourse and the populous city boyfriends

6. Bill Kelley (John Slattery)

Age: 52

SATC role: Bill the politician lasted two entire episodes, until he asked Carrie to pee on him. Apparently Carrie had beenn’t au fait with golden showers, although she was not too troubled about resting with an other woman’s spouse. Hmmm.

What is he done since? He is only bloody starred and gone in Mad guys, that is what. John plays Roger Sterling, creator associated with marketing agency when you look at the show, and contains won two SAG honors combined with the Mad guys cast. Bravo.

7. Ray (Craig Bierko)

Age: 50

SATC role: he is the jazz man! The only when you look at the porkpie cap utilizing the ADHD – both of which grow to be a bit a lot of for Carrie.

What is he done since? Craig’s profession since showing up in SATC checks out like some kind of Greek tragedy. He switched straight down the section of Chandler in Friends (doh! ), starred in a pilot for the US variety of Red Dwarf that has been never ever commissioned, starred in a Broadway variation of men and Dolls which closed after simply 90 days along with to take out of the part of skip Trunchbull into the musical form of Matilda after sustaining a neck damage. BLESS YOU.

8. Seth (Jon Bon Jovi)

Age: 52

SATC role: Carrie came across Seth within the waiting room, whenever she ended up being opting for therapy to obtain over (one of the most significant) Big break ups. After some strenuous sexy times, Seth notifies Carrie which he’s in treatment because he sleeps with females after which instantly loses desire for them. Brill.

What exactly is he done since? Umm being fully a rockstar and ting? Oh, as well as in a huge jump of imagination, he played the stone musician love interest of Katherine Heigl’s character in slushy film brand brand New 12 months’s Eve.

9. Keith Travers (Vince Vaughn)

Age: 44

SATC role: Vince played that guy whom pretended become Matt Damon’s representative in show three, but turned into Carrie Fisher’s PA. Somewhere else within the episode, Samantha meets her idol Hugh Hefner and events utilizing the Playboy bunnies, while you do.

What is he done since? Made some good films (The Break-Up and Anchorman 1 and 2) and plenty of dubious people (partners Retreat, Fred Claus, The Internship).

10. Sean (Eddie Cahill)

Age: 37

SATC role: Eddie played Sean, Carries young date who, on the 3rd date, abruptly reveals he’s bisexual as soon as dated a person. Carrie had been a small thrown and after much intercourse soul-searching, decided it had beenn’t planning to work.

What is he done since? Well, Tag from Friends, DEFINITELY. Bust irrespective of playing Don Flack in CSI: NY and Sam Verdreaux in less than the Dome, he additionally starred in 2005 sports drama Lords of Dogtown.

11. Jeremy (David Duchovny)

Age: 54

SATC role: Season five views Carrie reunited together with her sexy school that is high Jeremy. All of it appears to be going swimmingly until he admits he is an individual at a nearby psychological state center, which happens to be a lot of for the relationship to deal with.

What is he done since? David is, needless to say, most widely known for their lead role within the X data, although in somewhat ironic ( not therefore delighted) change, he examined himself right into a rehabilitation center for intercourse addiction in 2008.

12. Jack Berger (Ron Livingston)

Age: 47

SATC role: Berger had been pretty hot, but kinda irritating. The scrunchie argument and their annoyance at Carrie’s book deal had been bad sufficient, but he could has been forgiven by us until he split up along with her ON A POST-IT.

What is he done since? Like, do we care? He split up with this woman on a post-it. But in the event that you got to know, he co-starred in Dinner for Schmucks, and in addition showed up as Roy Phillips into the latest number of Boardwalk Empire.

13. Aleksandr Petrovsky (Mikhail Baryshnikov)

Age: 67

SATC role: with me, or I leave you, come to my art show with me, or I’LL DIE) UGH we so were not fans of Aleksandr, the jaw-droppingly self-centred Russian artist who specialised in difficult ultimatums (come to Paris. He made look that is big a Care Bear.

What is he done since? Are you aware Mikhail is recognized among the best male ballet dancers for the century? Since SATC he been director that is artistic of party business and toured around the US and Spain with other dance guru and Natalie Portman’s hubby, Benjamin Millepied.

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